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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Free Download: Deep Freeze Toad Flintloque Scenario

Laying nearly complete since 2012 it is our pleasure to present to you a full size Flintloque scenario as well as a Uniformation article both featuring the 777th Croaked Line; Undead Todoroni. Originally meant for publication in the Barking Irons Magazine they have been finalised and prepared for free download.  Links to download are below plus details.  

You can find all of our FREE FILES on the website in one place or go to the UNDEAD OF THE WITCHLANDS for the miniatures.  Enjoy Flintloque fans!

Deep Freeze Toad
An ad hoc group of Todoroni have banded together to escape the Witchlands and they took finding an abandoned keep as dusk fell to be a sign of good omens.  Sadly it has turned into an ambush as a larger force of Undead Todoroni led by a Vampyre are about to attack them.  Can they hold out or is it the end of the adventure?  Find out in this full size three page scenario.  Play solo or with two players. CLICK HERE to download from our website storage. 

Uniformation - 777th Croaked Line
A two page article giving history, uniforms as well as game rules for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo.  Update from the unpublished 2012 version this article sits alongside the scenario 'Deep Freeze Toad'.  CLICK HERE to download from our website storage. 

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