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Friday, 15 May 2020

Landsknechte Doppelsoldner 120mm model now in the Vulcan range

A second kit has been added to the Vulcan Models range on the website.  A second 120mm scale figurine for collectors and painters or those keen on history.  You can see the range HERE.

Some Landsknechte were schooled in the use of the Zweihander (two-hander) a two-handed sword were entitled to double pay and thus qualified as Doppelsoldner. The fencing guild of the Brotherhood of St. Mark had the monopoly on the use of the Zweihander after Frederick III the Holy Roman Emperor granted it to them in 1487. The Zweihander was used by the Doppelsoldner to break through formations of pikemen by either being swung to break the ends of the pikes themselves or to knock them aside and attack the pikemen directly.  Typically one Landsknecht in four would be a Doppelsoldner.

Landsknechte Doppelsoldner
120mm Scale

This resin and metal military figurine kit is presented to you in 120mm scale. It is composed of twelve pieces. These pieces assemble into the form you see in the images. Assembly from the supplied sprues is not complex and has been designed for easy use. Durable and rugged it will be ideal for display or use on table. 

Assembled as per the images the figurine is approx 120mm from sole of foot to the eye line with a total height of about 160mm to top of plume.  Sculpted by Bob Naismith.

This model was used as the basis for the cover art of the Furioso game system book and we have a great 15mm Renaissance range to go with these rules which includes several Landsknechtes as well.  Go HERE for this.

This is our only new miniatures release for this month and we will have some free files for you and a great offer to end the month as well as outlined on our BLOG.

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