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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Furioso Renaissance Warfare reviews and new print run

Written by Steve Danes the excellent multiple scale set of wargame rules for the Renaissance called Furioso has sold out its print run.  We have ordered up a new print run and it is due in soon!  Until the 28th of May 2020 we have a pre-order on the new print run HERE with 15% off the normal price.  Of course most of our titles are also DIGITAL DOWNLOADS which are 20% less than in print if you want something to read right away.

We have a large 15mm historical range for wargaming in this time period and we have buildings and walls as well as ready made army packs.

You can read an article about the rules written by the author on our blog HERE.  Files for the game on our Free Downloads page HERE.  Read about the Mega Bundle and the free beginners scenario on our blog HERE. An article about the new expansion book is HERE.  Furioso Alfresco in Devon go HERE for a first playing account.  Review of Furioso in Wargames, Soldier, Strategy magazine No97 see our account HERE. Free QRS (Quick Reference Sheet) on our BLOG by Tony Cane.  Ottoman Empire playtest army sheet download HERE.

Video play through of Furioso the Italian Wars kindly linked from the Yarkshire Gamers blog onto our own for your viewing. Renaissance wargaming with or without the fantastical inventions of Da Vinci. Playable in 15mm and 28mm scale with your armies. They go into some depth which is great. Original links to the articles are also included. Go HERE.

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