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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Five Day Thank You 15% off all orders

It has been a tough old time for us all.  In light of that and all of the heart warming and lovely messages sent to Alternative Armies over the past eight or so weeks wishing us well and relating tales of staying at home and gaming we are saying we really appreciate it to everyone with a “Five Day Thank You”.  For five days (ending at 9am GMT 3rd June 2020) there is an automatic discount of 15% off your cart during website checkout.  This covers everything on the website.  All ranges, all books, all miniatures, all paid downloads, all pro-painted stock; if it is there it is included.  

Go HERE or read on for details on the free gift which will also be automatically included in your package when it ships out.  For you see we offer a freebie each month lasting the entire month and this five day event straddles both May and June.  So depending upon when you order you will get either May or June's free item.  We are always fair so here are both of these so that you can time your order to get the one you want.

Until the end of May you automatically get a pack of ten miniatures OH1 Nilbogs Backwoods Goblin Band.

For the entire month of June you will automatically get the CA1-01 Magical Youth in your package.

Check out our Events and Bundles page for the biggest savings and also our Slaughterloo page if you fancy a new Division pack.  All with the extra discount coming off in checkout.

Our sincerest thanks to all of our customers for their support during the last two months.  The entire team here in Scotland sends you its best wishes. Thanks for Reading.


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