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Monday, 17 August 2020

HOT29 Eagle Lord returns!

Earlier this year Alternative Armies greatly expanded the number of High Elves in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and this led to the removal of a classic pack for  re-mastering and new molds.  The Eagle Lord now returns to the nest ready to aid the forces of good.  Go HERE for the range.

“From atop their aeries the great Eagles look down upon the laid out lands.  Their eyes see far and their majestic wings cover leagues in minutes while their beaks can carry a man off in death or in rescue.”

HOT29 Eagle Lord

A three piece metal model easy to assemble which when built is about 40mm from bottom of rock pillar to top of wings.  A fine ally of an Elven Army or a creature in your games.  Go HERE.

As you can see the Eagle Lord goes really well with Elf Cavalry packs such as HOT9, HOT42, HOT43 and HOT116 Elf Cavalry Command.

Relatives of the mightiest of Eagles our Elves soar into battle atop their Eagle mounts.  This is HOT125 Armoured Elf Eagle Riders.

Something else which makes an Elvish statement is a Hero on a Wyvern!  This is HOT118.  You can 'filter by' on the range page to see only Elves or use the Search box with the given codes.

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