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Friday, 7 August 2020

Summer Campaign 2020 – 15% off orders, 20 new releases, free miniature

It is the middle of the year and the second mega events which Alternative Armies runs each year is on!  The Summer Campaign 2020 event runs until 9am GMT 1st September 2020 and is packed with brand new miniatures and a superb offer as well.  Go HERE for the website and read on for full details of everything happening.  You can see our postage rates HERE with free shipping levels and a special UK small package rate plus courier shipping.

15% Off Every Order

During the event when you reach the checkout on the website (or by email or phone) with your chosen codes in cart you will automatically get 15% off the cart total on screen before reaching payment. This applies to every single product on the website and if they are already discounted (like Slaughterloo DAP's, Digital Download books or value bundles) then the 15% is applied ON TOP of that.  No limit on the number of orders and just add to cart as normal then proceed to checkout.  Choose your shipping region and method as normal.  Note you will not be able to use any other discount code during the event.

See a simple linked up list of all the ranges we have on our site on a page of our blog HERE.

Twenty New Releases

We will reveal twenty or so new releases across our ranges and scales.  All of these codes are on our website now so that you can place your order and know everything which will appear in full during August 2020. Here is a list of all of the releases and of course you will get 15% off them during checkout. 

VNT32 The Splendorous Djinn (1 Kit)   
HOT29 Eagle Lord (1 Kit)

HOF148 Grey Alien Soldiers II (10)
HOF149 Grey Alien Soldiers III (10)
HOF150 Grey Alien Abductors (10)   
HOF151 Grey Alien Overlords (10)

The Guild Room
WW4 Ornate Table     (1)
WW4A Wizards Tray (1)
WW6 Cauldron on a Fire (1)
WW7 Ornate Mirror (1)
WW8 Skeleton on stand (1)
WW9 Skull Candle Holders (2)
WW11 Hanging Cloak & Bag  (2)
WW12 Potion Bottles (1 Set)   
WW13 Books (1 Set)
WW14 Scrolls and Books (1 Set)

BR25 Shelves (1)
BR2P Oval Table Bundle (10)           
BR3P Large Table Bundle (10)
BR6P Bench Seat Bundle (10)   
BR23P Chair Bundle (10)

AS013 RUFUS (Robotic Unit Fighting or Utility Servant) Android

BU01 Todoroni Generale Bust  (1/10th Scale) 

Kalene Barbarian Priestess free in every Package

During this event we are putting this brand new 28mm scale metal miniature worth 2.50GBP into every order automatically which is sent out across the world (any order which is physically dispatched).  She will have her own announcement but Kalene joins the Midsummer Druidess and the Witch Carline miniatures as part of the expanding FL24 code.  Inspired by the classic Asgard Barbarians and the Torture Chamber range she is great for many settings.  Find this miniature HERE.  You can of course purchase this miniature and if you do you will still get another one free in your package.  A wee treat from us!

Printed Books

With the situation in the world being what it has been for the last four months we had run out of copies of many of our gaming titles.  This included Doom Squad and Sengoku Monster Hunter as well as all three of the Patrol Angis books. The offer applies to them and you can see all print books HERE.  Digital Download versions are 20% cheaper and the offer also applies on top of that; see them all HERE.

If you have any questions please do ask us and thank you for your continued custom.


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