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Friday, 18 December 2020

Caught Short a free full Flintloque scenario for Cryptmass 2020

Welcome to the final free content for the year and it is a humdinger of a full size scenario for Flintloque. The ninth in the linked scenarios begun in the Escape the Dark Czar beginners set using those characters. You can visit our Begin in Flintloque page or read on for more and to download 'Caught Short' right here rather than on our massive Free Downloads page of the website.

Every order this month gets a free Stalinov Liche re-mastered model included automatically.  This character has a Uniformation Article with game stats for him as well as our last release of the year Duc de Tubercule.  See 5002I Stalinov the Liche on the website for more details.  Also check our 'Seeking Stalinov' a free micro adventure written by Gavin Syme for Orcs in the Webbe 2020 Advent Calendar.

Caught Short (Escape from the Dark Czar): The ninth linked scenario for General Saindoux and his survivors of the Grande Armee du Norde is a tense action packed adventure.  The survivors continue their retreat and come across a large group of Finklestein Dwarves who are attempting to rescue camp followers led by Heinz der Mead from the attacking Undead.  Lending their strength will Saindoux prevail or get caught short like the Dwarves? This full size free scenario for Flintloque (two players or solo play) can be downloaded as a PDF from our website storage to your device directly by CLICKING HERE.

You can find the first three scenarios in the beginners set and scenarios four to eight on our Begin in Flintloque page and dedicated BLOG PAGE.

We have one more message this month which will appear on our blog and in our last email of the year.  It will contain our Christmas Close Dates as well as details of changes to shipping rates.  It will also have details of a month long offer for January 2021 and the brand new free miniature which will be included in every order in that is a real scream. Plus it will outline the new releases coming January in all scales and systems. The coldest and darkest month of the year; when we will all need some cheer.

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