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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Hero of the Table channel Ion Age 15mm Retained Knights

Brought to my attention and I was glad that was so. Two great videos by Sean where he takes a look at IAF001 Retained Post Alpha and IAF002 Retained Post Beta a total of twenty of our 15mm scale power armoured Retained Knights.  A second video where he paints those miniatures in white armour.  You can watch the videos below and if you like it do let the channel know.

Just under twenty minutes of science fiction miniature fun.  There are over three hundred poses of 15mm scale in the Ion Age range which you can see HERE and refine your search by type on the page.  Patrol Angis is a fast, lethal and flexible game system which can be had in print and as a digital download HERE.

If you are looking to get started with Retained Knights then the lance pack (which contains an additional free unique miniature too) is the place to be.  Paint these up in any uniform from Prydian as shown to the Marcher Baron leagues or the Condot mercenaries who ply the Precinct.  IAFP02.

Once we had filled out more than fifty poses of Retained Knights of rank and file we added characters and some of the most popular came from names in the Patrol Angis books.  Such as Diodine Sparrow who you can see above, he along with his body guard Quinus Bria and lady commander Loren Vasilia are characters with their own game rules.  IAF158 and there is a free download on that page too.

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