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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Alternative Armies festive message 2020 please read!

As we enter the coldest and darkest point in the year we extend seasons greetings across the world and thank everyone for their custom and their friendship in what has been an unprecedented annum.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from here in Scotland.  This is our last public announcement in 2020 and we would like to tell you what to expect until the end of January 2021. Read on for details and you can visit our website HERE.

This is a special time of the year and we are giving the whole team time off after what has been a manic four months.  We are closed from the 22nd of December until the 4th of January when our office will re-open and respond to messages.  We will commence shipping once more worldwide on 11th January 2021 as the global postal system returns to normal.  Our website will be online as always and the month will change over on 1st January as normal if you wish to check it out over the holiday season.

Our Shipping Rates have changed as of today with our levels of free postage raised to 100.00GBP for Europe, USA and ROW.  Our Courier door to door shipping remains unchanged as do all UK rates (including the small order reduced rate).  Standard airmail not tracked rates have increased.  Sadly this was beyond our control. See the new rates on our Information and Shipping page.  The price of all of our products has remained unchanged.

During December a free 5002I Stalinov the Liche is included in every order shipped out from us automatically.  When January begins this will change with the month and until the 1st February all orders will automatically get the brand new Weeping Banshee!  A teaser image above of this fantastic 28mm creature which is the final of five free female characters which will see a release as a pack in January.  So if you would prefer this miniature (which will be on the site to see as the month begins) free then hold off on your order until January.  

We have a month long event in January which will see many new releases across the month and for the entire month you will get the Banshee free and 15% off your order of any value automatically at checkout on screen before payment.  Yes, fifteen percent off!  What is more this automatic discount is LIVE ON THE WEBSITE FROM NOW (22nd December) as we are a fair bunch of fellows.

While you will have to wait until January to purchase the new releases here is a list of what is coming and from the start of the new year these new codes will appear on the site without pictures but you will be able to order them from then.  Pictures and news of each will come across the month.

28mm Scale

FL24-05 Weeping Banshee  (Free and can be Purchased)

FL24 Winter and Summer Heroines (5) 

The Midsummer Druidess, the Witch Carline, Kalene the Barbarian Priestess, the Ice Queen and the Weeping Banshee all in one pack.


56598 Zahnner Dogman Hussars 

Following up on the Dogman Field Marshall Mounted and the Pudigroan Grenadiers a new full five (skirmish pack, unit or single trooper) of miniatures for Pudigrochumberg or for Confederation of Finklestein or even Ostarian Empire with a change of uniform colours.

5024M Escape the Dark Czar in Metal

By request of Flintloque players we present the ten miniatures in the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set in metal rather than resin.   A collectors code for sure for those who wish the might of tin in their ranks.  General Saindoux and the others!


TOR18 Trees of Death

The Torture Chamber range has codes which were never seen in the 1980's and we are delighted now to bring some of these to the world in 2021. Trees of Death is a set plus a never seen before nude woman and two Goblinoid torturers as single miniatures.

MPS9 Wagon Set

Tabletop 1980's market place set the Wagon returns.  Get the set of Wagon plus Mule, Male Driver and Woman with Baby or single miniatures from it. As we continue to return classic miniatures to wargamers all over the world.

15mm Scale

HOF156 Grey Alien Combat Saucer Kit

Continuing the expansion of Grey Alien packs within the huge HOF Range we have a scout saucer with pilot supplied with a top you can put on or keep off plus parts for five different armed load outs which match up with the infantry and portable weapons platforms. Energy cannon, missile pods and more.


MRX19 Landsknecht 16th Century Gun Crew

We have nearly thirty different Landsknects in the Altuos Range and this gun crew of four poses will fit with the MRX artillery codes.

MRX23 Organ Gun 16th Century

A new artillery piece in the Altuos range which can be put with MRX19, MRX7 or MRX11 gun crews.

Lastly the brand new artwork in this article was drawn by Edward Jackson the resident World of Valon artist whose work can be seen across all the Flintloque game books, expansions and Slaughterloo as well as the upcoming En Garde and other titles in The Ion Age for example.  These are a 1st Sepulcherov Guard Hussar at rest in the Witchlands.  A Joccian Grey cavalry standard bearer on his Highland Cow.  A Finklestein Ogre who has stumbled into a patch of ground where re-animated dead of the Dark Czar are rising to his evil bidding. Lastly a Aegpyt concept art for an Othari household warrior with spear mounted on a hyena. It is our goal to have more of Mr Jackson's artwork in print during 2021 in upcoming projects.


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