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Friday, 4 December 2020

New 15mm Barding Armoured Horse 15th to 16th Century

There is a selection of horses in our 15mm Renaissance range and now a new one has been added.  Following up on all of the new Pike, Sword, Halberd and Crossbow Landsknects we present a barding armoured horse suitable for those of means in the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries. This is our last 15mm release of 2020.

MRH20 Barding Armoured Horse. This code contains one fully armoured horse in barding suitable for any rider in the Altous range.  It fits in with our other MRH horses HERE.  Go HERE for the new horse.

Here is the horse standing next to MR103 Landsknect 2H Sword standing so that you can see its size.

There is a great selection in our Renaissance range now of over one hundred and seventy poses of infantry, cavalry, command and artillery plus Buildings and Scenics as well as Da Vinci and his Tank plus the Furioso Rules System and army packs for it with free bases.  Have a browse HERE

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