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Monday 7 August 2023

Beotan Lycanthropes remastered for 28mm Ion Age

“Who would have thought that out here in the darkness, in the vastness of space, that creatures of our long gone ancestors nightmares would turn out to be real. I never did but then I have seen a lot since arriving in the Camarthen Cluster two years ago. Aliens who want our worlds; hell not just our worlds. They want us too. Brought to their heel or dead or worse. I ended up in the tundra so at least I was spared the lizards but here there are teeth..lots of teeth. My armour has their marks upon it and I do not have them repaired or painted over. Memory helps me survive. I will have to face them again. Werewolves...real ones.” 
Muster Trooper, South of Gadda, Southern Wastes, Camarthen Prime 4332 IC 

Now remastered and returned to the expanding 28mm Ion Age science fiction range (over 230 poses) are the original two Beotan Lycanthropes. At 40mm tall these metal savage slaves of the Khanate are terror troops used (much like the Psycoborgs) to break the will of Humanity to resist the Legions. Shown with IA152 Female Betayer Alpha as the Humans who side with the Shia Khan are often at the mercy of the Beotans. 

See these along with the Malig Goblinoids, the Legionaries, the Nox and others in the range all under SHIA KHAN as value packs, saver platoons and single miniatures for the first time. 

If you are a fan of Patrol Angis you will already know of the Beotan Werewolves as they exist as a full thirty three poses in the 15mm Ion Age range. In fact if you puchase the IAFP12 Beotan Ordos you get the unique miniature free included. Rules for these aliens exist in The Khanate Return book

 Later in this month we will restore the two 28mm scale Psycoborgs to the website with brand new photos. Watch out for that! 

 Thanks for Reading, 

 GBS  (Gavin Syme)


  1. Excellent news thanks for sharing 👍

    1. Thank you. Yes this is good news, takes some effort but the classics must live!