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Thursday 24 August 2023

FL30 Human Hirelings 28mm fantasy new release pack and singles

"To the tavern go and take your coin with you.  While the glory and fame comes to those who seek adventure it does not do to allow your own life to be at risk.  Hirelings is what you want my lord.  Yes those men who will accept payment for going first into the fray.  Use their blades, their shields, their wits and their blood to further your cause.  No one will mind...there are always more Hirelings."

Our last new release for August gives you four 28mm scale metal miniatures ideal for any game system added to our Knights and Footsoldiers collection.  Fl30 Human Hirelings each with separate arms for a degree of posing. In the dungeon above they face out from 54502G Campfire against whatever monster comes their way….

As well as a pack with a saving each of these fine fellows can be had as a single miniature.  Ruben with his greatsword on his shoulder, Recene guard up with sword and shield, Zeno in his helmet advancing and the most handsome Cullen with axe and dagger at the ready.  See them battling against VNT48 Rock Monster which has been terrorising the simple farmers.

Perhaps the Hirelings are in the pay of the Dwarves? In the frozen wastes of the north FM19 Storm Giant (from the Asgard 1980’s Fantasy Range) is laying waste to the golden halls.  DH18 Mountain Dwarf Hero (free in all shipped orders until end of August 2023) has given the four coin and now the five are fit for a test of arms.

FL30 Human Hirelings (Value Pack of Four with Saving)

FL30-01 Ruben the Hireling 

FL30-02 Recene the Hireling 

FL30-03 Zeno the Hireling 

FL30-04 Cullen the Hireling 

A scale comparison between Ruben and the DH18 Mountain Dwarf Hero as you can see they go well together.

Thank you for your attention and see you all in September for a very different themed month...

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