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Tuesday 15 August 2023

FM66 Large Troll by Nick Bibby restored Asgard FM Range

Trolls are great foes and monsters for the gaming table and this excellent example from the 1980’s has now joined the others on the Alternative Armies website. Sculpted by Nick Bibby for Asgard Miniatures and part of the sixth round of restoration releases for the FM Range this metal miniature works in any scale. Well suited to 28mm use but also 15mm scale as a giant troll and 6mm scale as a suitably titanic one. 

FM66 Large Troll stands 45mm tall in total height and is armed with a long handled stone hammer. 
As you can see it is a fine menace for this month’s free DH18 Mountain Dwarf Hero miniature and could perhaps face off against many Dwarfs at the time time. Even a Troll deserves a girlfriend and this fellow is no interesting tabletop pairing with FM72 Female Troll also sculpted by Nick Bibby. 
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