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Tuesday 22 August 2023

Psycoborgs Terror Robots remastered for 28mm Ion Age

“The Shia Khan Empire is, despite its ancient age and mighty power, not a sophisticated enemy on most battlefields. It is surmised that this and their apparent lack of interest in the value of life is down simply to having such endless resources at their disposal. Able to throw the lives of their soldiers away without care they can just send more to the flesh grinder of war. So the presence of robots in the ranks of the Legions was a surprise to Prydian commanders. A most unwelcome surprise as it became clear that the purpose of the robots was to inspire terror in and then exterminate Humans.

Dubbed Psycoborgs due to their appearance, some two to three times the height of a Human and man-like in construction. Their heads being like a skull and one arm mounting a support grade weapon they also could quite literally inspire terror. An unknown technology radiates from each robot and makes concentration and bravery exceptionally hard for regular troops and challenging even for Retained Knights. Psycoborgs operate either as single hunters in low intensity combat zones also aiding the conversion of Human Betrayers or as small groups typically of three robots within a platoon. Betrayers never act alongside these robots and Maligs rarely to do so. Legionaries and others seem unconcerned by their terror inspiring abilities. They are incapable of command and are given their programme by their commander in the field.” - IAB03 The Khanate Return an expansion for Patrol Angis

Now remastered and returned to the expanding 28mm Ion Age science fiction range (over 230 poses) are the original two terror robots known as Psycoborgs for the effect they have on Human troops.  At 60mm tall these mechanical sentinels are heavily armed and very hard to stop. Unlike Maligs and Beotans Lyconthropes who rely on savagery and sheer numbers or the Legionaries who make use of skill these robots are silent in their actions.

See these along with the Malig Goblinoids, the Legionaries, the Nox and others in the range all under SHIA KHAN as value packs, saver platoons and single miniatures for the first time.

If you are 15mm player and a fan of Patrol Angis you will already know of IAF134 Psycoborgs which were inspired by the larger scale and are a pack of six or a single miniature.  Rules for these aliens exist in The Khanate Return book.

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