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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Magical Youth miniature free in every June order plus June News

The summer is here! Well at least in Scotland we know it is as the rain is now warm once more. In these troubled times the team continues to create new miniatures and to bring you hobby fun and relaxation. June will be no different and as our customers know we like to offer something extra for free. All this month you will get a 28mm miniature automatically included in your package as it mails out across the world. Go HERE to the website or read on for more plus the news. 

"A college of magic is the place for any aspiring Wizard. See the Youngling who is trying a feeble first in spell making. A Wizards Progression can be a rewarding one...leading to a life of adventure." 

CA1-01 The Magical Youth 
Sitting cross legged with a book of spells upon his lap this lad is beginning his journey in magic. A useful miniature for all manner of game systems. This code contains one 28mm highly detailed metal miniature which is a single piece and is shown on a 25mm square base. Note this miniature is taken from the pack CA1 Wizards Progress pack. Go HERE 

Ending 1st July 2020 we will automatically add The Magical Youth (worth 2.50GBP) to every order shipped out from here in Scotland. You need do nothing but place your order and we will put one in for you. Of course you can order from CA1 as normal as well and if you do you will get the free model as well. Please note this offer applies to any order placed by webstore, by phone or by email and post which requires shipping (Digital Download books only does not count sorry!). Supplied unpainted and without base. 

News from Alternative Armies for June 2020

The Corvid 19 pandemic is still very much with us and our suspension of new print titles and book releases remains in effect. It is certainly possible that restrictions may be lifted this month and allow us to get existing titles such as the Patrol Angis trilogy back in to stock but for the moment we assume not. Titles such as En Garde and new USEME booklets are in the que and waiting. If you wish to be informed of when new and existing titles will appear please contact us on and we will let you know. 

This month we will have several new releases in 28mm and 15mm scale. We will also have re-mastered releases of existing codes as well. We are working at a reduced capacity just now but we understand how important the hobby is to wargamers and thus you can expect the following. Pack and Unit codes of the 2nd Heavy Dragoons on foot for Flintloque; these are following up on the mounted Dragoon packs and unit (54523 2nd Heavy Dragoons) in April. The 15mm Vasseth Strike Tank by Loud Ninja Games is returning and will feature a wee offer on it too. New tents and scenics for the 15mm Renaissance range sculpted by the 'Boy of Bronze' Andy Gorman which will be great for Furioso and fantasy settings too. Classic CE codes of Crystal Elf duelling miniatures will return. Plus there will be a free Flintloque scenario and Uniformation article as well. Lots to look forward to. 

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