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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Article 21 The Adventures of Gorgon Lightfoote - Part 3

After a break Andy Jefcoate returns with the twenty first article on Flintloque the third in the adventurers of Gorgon Lightfoote. This time Lightfoote is joined by the song filled Hob Goblins who add to his ranks. . If you missed any of the previous articles you can see them all for free on the blog by clicking on this TAG. If you would like to Begin in Flintloque visit our website HERE for Escape the Dark Czar and free content and videos.  Enjoy!  GBS

The Adventures of Gorgon Lightfoote
Part 3 - The Ram Raider Scouts

In my last two articles I initially introduced you to the core of Gorgon Lightfoote's Britorcn section that I've included in my Witchlands games and then to my method for fighting battles with three opposing forces. In this article I would like to expand Lightfoote's force by telling you about his Ram Raider Scouts!

As I explained in part 1, Lightfoote is a proud Hob Goblin from Taffsea and was a major with the Ram Raiders before his retirement. He was loved by his troops and an excellent tactician which is why he didn't actually retire but was instead recruited into the Britorcn Secret Service where he has risen to the position of Spy Master. It makes sense then that when he called some of his former troops answered.

Who are the Ram Raiders?
Normally stationed in Catalucia the Ram Raiders are mounted infantry so are excellent as scouts or for harassing the enemy. A full section would normally have around 15 members including an officer with a sword, a sergeant with a carbine or pickaxe, a musician with bugle and troopers with either standard carbines or swords. As their name suggests they ride on Rams. 

Their usual uniform consists of a light grey tunic and breeches, with yellow facings and black helmets and boots. The light grey uniform has been useful as camouflage against the snow but for the Witchlands they have adopted more heavy duty boots for the times they spend spying on the enemy or waiting in ambush. In addition, the rams are smaller than horses and often chest deep in the snow along with the legs of their riders!

Why use Mounted Infantry?
As highlighted in the 5025 War in Catalucia Game Book
"Mounted Infantry are a rare type of section operating on the battlefield but have a useful tactical flexibility. The Corps Imperial Des Dragons is a famous formation of Mounted Infantry. Mounted Infantry can operate as Cavalry when mounted and as Light Troops when dismounted. A section may split their troops into mounted and dismounted at the same time with their type changing as they mount and dismount"

They are therefore great for my Witchlands scenarios as they can form a firing line to shoot their foes from a distance but if threatened can mount up and move out of trouble. Rams are quick for their size and as cavalry can match a heavy horse at full speed, although light horses will outpace them. 

What models are available?
The 5106 Taffsea Ram Raiders box has all that you need to field a Ram Raiders section. You get 8 foot figures and 5 mounted figures on Rams including command figures as the Ram Raiders in Catalucia are led by Colonel Aspeth 'the miner' Pritchob and his trouble making Major Hobvens.  However you can just purchase 3 Raiders on foot with carbines or 2 Raiders mounted on Rams with carbines. There is also the option to buy 4 Hob Goblin casualty figures. As ever those kind people at Alternative Armies will provide pro-painted versions of any of the packs listed.

What did I purchase?
As I'm using a mixed section I didn't need additional command figures at this stage so took the opportunity to buy a selection of Raiders troopers on foot and mounted to support the rest of Lightfoote's section either as cavalry support or to boost the fire power of his 'Blacke Watchit' escort troops.

As ever with Flintloque they are lovely castings, very unique and characterful and a joy to paint too.

In Conclusion
These troops have been perfect for my small scenario driven skirmishes such as raids to capture supplies, ambushes or kidnap attempts to get personnel for interrogation. As mentioned above the ability to use them as cavalry or infantry makes them very flexible, especially if you are playing a random scenario such as in my last article or you just don't know what your opponent will include in their force. 

They are invaluable for Lightfoote in the Witchlands as he needs a good screen of scouts so that his small force doesn't get ambushed. The Rams have adapted surprisingly well to the snowy conditions, with the mountains of Taffsea preparing them for effortlessly bounding through snow drifts!

What's next 
As always I hope that you've enjoyed reading about my growing Britorcn section for my games of Flintloque set in the Witchlands. I will continue to expand this force in future articles and as ever I'll let you know how I get on!

Thank you for reading.


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