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Thursday, 25 June 2020

By Sword the Running Through is Done – Free Flintloque Micro Scenario

You are a lone Ferach Elf officer.  Your patrol was set upon by foul bestial Orcs and now you are all that remains.  Your horse has bolted and it is long gone.  Your pistols are smashed, dropped in the mud and then trodden upon. All you have is your blade, your wits and your skill taught by the Academie.  Can you evade the enemy and make it back to your fellow Armoricans?

This week the popular poses of Elf Duellists return to Alternative Armies. These will get their own news but you can see them HERE before that.  Great for fantasy and for Flintloque in the lead up to the release of the duelling game En Garde.  Micro Scenarios are something we used to do many years ago so here is a new one for free!

By Sword the Running Through is Done
A free one page Flintloque Micro Scenario for two players or solo play.  A single Elf swordsman trying to escape from eight Orcs.  Great on its own or as an insert into a larger skirmish.  Get it from our online storage by CLICKING HERE.

We have hundreds of free files for our game systems which you see see HERE on the website; just scroll down.  You can also get yourself something to read now with our DIGITAL PAID BOOKS range of titles.

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