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Friday, 1 January 2021

Brand new Weeping Banshee 28mm miniature free in every January order!

 “Oh Lord please please please dinni let it be a banshee ahm hearin ahint me.”

Happy New Year and we begin 2021 in the grand manner with a month long new free miniature automatically put in every package shipped out from Scotland anywhere in the world.  No catch, no gimmick.  As long as you place an order which is to be posted (does not apply to digital download only orders sorry) of any value you will get the miniature.  As many orders as you like and you can buy the miniature too and each time a free one will be in the package.  Go HERE.

FL25-05 Weeping Banshee

The mystical white women of the Scottish Highlands whose mournful keening drove travellers and locals alike to despair. Baobhan Sith would cease their wailing and with stunning celtic beauty doom souls with seduction and then consume a victims blood.  Their lamenting long thrown call a herald of death that caused even strong men to fall to their knees in horror.  

A 28mm scale metal miniature in long flowing dress with wild wind whipped hair her mouth open and arm thrown forward.  The fifth in the Winter and Summer Heroines set completing FL25 poses.  A great character for many settings. Stands 30mm to top of the head.  Supplied unpainted and without a base.  No assembly required.  Go HERE.

The Banshee joins the Midsummer Druidess, the Witch Carline, the Ice Queen and the Barbarian Priestess Kalene all above.  Find these as single miniatures and a new completed pack code HERE. Each of these female character miniatures was given away free for a month over the last year and a half.  If you missed any of them they are all now online.

This is a short article as the January Storm event will be detailed in full on the 4th of January.  The event is on and ends 1st February with many new releases (each getting its pictures and news across the month) on the site now as well as 15% off automatically at checkout on all orders plus of course the Banshee free in every package.  

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