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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Evil Space Emperor 15mm scale released!

Are you bored?  What plaything can we offer you to amuse before it lays destruction upon your foes?  Well our merciless Evil Space Emperor character miniature is here in 15mm scale!

Our mega event March to War 2021 is on at Alternative Armies.  Until 3rd May automatically 20% off all orders at checkout, 24 new releases, free and cheaper shipping rates and more.  Read about this in full on our BLOG or visit NEW RELEASES.

SHM98 Evil Space Emperor: One White Metal 15mm scale miniature suitable for any tabletop game system.  Stands 17mm tall to top of head and is in one piece. Dressed in flowing bejeweled robes and wearing a ring of unlimited power this demigod is ready to rule the galaxy..if heroes do not stop him.  What victim will the Emperor choose this day?  Sculpted by Sam Croes.  Go HERE.

The SHM 15mm Range is pretty special to us as it is where we give the chance to sculptors to creature something different and to get it to the world.  There are now nearly 100 different miniatures in the range including Star Vikings, Aliens, Humans, Creatures and more.  Well worth a scroll through.  This is the range where the Prang started out after all.  Go HERE.

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