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Monday, 22 March 2021

March To War 2021 mega event is on at Alternative Armies!

Alternative Armies spring mega event is here! There is a whole lot to this offer which runs until 9am GMT Monday 3rd May 2021 and it is all outlined here covering six weeks of new releases and more.  Go to the WEBSITE and have a browse down to the left hand menu and within them sub-menu’s to see what interests you among our thousands of miniatures, bases, books and more. Now read on and feel free to ask questions.

20% Off Every Order At Checkout:  Once you have put everything into your cart proceed to checkout. Once there our website automatically deducts twenty percent from the cart total on screen before payment is made.  This discount is automatic and applies to everything on the site AND if the product is already discounted on screen (such as a value pack or divisional army pack) then this discount will apply on top!  So for example all digital titles are 20% less than print and you will get a further 20% off them during the event. Note you may not use any other manually entered discount code during the event.

Free Shipping, Shipping Rates and New European Small Order Rate: You can see all our prices for shipping on our WEBSITE including flat rates for door to door courier shipping.  The UK and now Europe have a 'small order' reduced shipping rate.  Free standard shipping comes in at 50.00GBP for the UK, 100.00GBP for Europe, North America and the Rest of the World. Note you must reach this amount AFTER your discount is applied for the free shipping to come into force. The largest orders will be sent out for free shipping by UPS Courier and we will inform you of this by email.

Free Miniature in your Package Automatically:  This event runs across the late part of March, the entirety of April and the very beginning of May.  During each month we have a free miniature which is automatically placed into every package shipped out from Scotland.  A gift from us to you.  This changes on the 1st of each month and you can see what it is on the website.  In March you get the 28mm scale Stricken Adventurer free.  In April a 40mm tall Troll and in May something else again!  You need do nothing but order and you will get it.

Twenty Four New Codes Released:  Yes across the event we will make 24 new releases plus lots of other announcements too.  While each new release will get its own news in detail during March and April with images (to give them all a chance in the sun) they are ALL on the website now. Here is a list and all are in NEW RELEASES except the Landsknechts which you can find in the RENAISSANCE AND FURIOSO range.  Images will appear as they are revealed.  

28mm Scale Releases

52523 Legion de Nain Line: The World of Valon big expansion for 2021 begins here with the first eight poses of brand new Dwarves as we commit to releasing the entire Legion!  The Beir Wars are here.

59542 Wayside Shrine & 59542P Shrine Tokens: A new 28mm scenic piece to sit by the side of your roads or in the village square.  Horse and Musket or Flintloque.  Plus a set of six 'tokens' which are items to place on or around the Shrine; or on bases.

56599 Von Mohnblume Artillery Crew: Pug Dog Gunners for Flintloque adding to the Line Infantry short and stoic!

TSF01 Szithks Male Winged Warbird with Rider & TSF02 Szithks Female Warbird & TSF60 Gorgory: Returning from ages past these three superb 1980's Tabletop codes are re-mastered and back in the world.

FL27 Wandering Band:  Five Fantasy Characters for any game system add them to your warband!

7120 Wendigo: A great new Frontear range monster by John Bell.

SHM97 Sekoth Guardian Warbird:  A new kit by Greg Saunders to go with the Guardian Demons.

TOR14 The Whipping Post: The final pack in the classic Torture Chamber range, never seen before, is here finally completing its return to the world! 

MPS8 Orc Family Outing: Classic collectors fantasy set appears as we move to bringing this range back to the world. 

15mm Scale Releases

MR125 Landsknect 16th Century Infantry Command (MR125-128)

MR129 Landsknect 16th Century Armoured Infantry Command (MR128-131)

MRX23 Handbuchse Light Gun (MRX24,MRX25)

Our big expansion of our 15mm Renaissance Range continues with officers, musicians, standard bearers for the Landsknechts as well as an artillery piece and its crew.

HOT127 Savage Lizardmen Spears

HOT130 Savage Lizardmen Warriors

HOT134 Savage Lizardmen Polearms 

A new army begins its releases in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range with three pack codes (packs or samplers as always) the Savage Lizardmen!

BR1506 Chariot Armour Car: A new Bradley Miniatures Kit with many options and uses.

SHM98 Evil Space Opera Emperor: A new character Miniature by Sam Croes.

HOF160 Mind Brutes & HOF160A Mind Brute Arm Sets & HOF161 Uplifted Cattle: The Grey Aliens get their muscle and augmented cows in the HOF 15mm Sci-fi Range!

SGFP49 Bikuni Nuns, Onyudo and Henge:  Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy expands into the ninth set with a new pack and singles. Two different Bikuni Nuns and two different Henge Daimyo (Barbaric and Civilised) plus an Onyudo with head choices sprue. 

As well as all these releases we will have Flintloque classic codes re-mastered and added to plus returning Fantasy Monsters and other articles of interest.

Deals, Bundles and Offers: We keep all of our biggest savings in one place across all our ranges. See them HERE. Those keen on our Slaughterloo game system should visit it’s page HERE where divisional army packs already with a saving are all listed. Well worth checking out.

Rule Systems and Digital Downloads: At Alternative Armies we have a selection of gaming titles in PRINT and as PAID DIGITAL DOWNLOADS all of which are in this Event. Note also that our download version are 20% cheaper than print and that is before adding them to the cart. Flintloque, Slaughterloo, DarkeStorme plus Sengoku Monster Hunter, Furioso, USEME and Doom Squad plus many more such as Laserburn.

We accept many forms of payment through our website such as Paypal and Credit Cards plus Google Pay and Apple Pay.  If you would like to speak to us about an order or you have a question please make contact on or go to our Facebook Group or MeWe page or our Forum.

Thank you for reading and enjoy one of the biggest events of the year!


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