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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Human Cyber Thralls 15mm scale released

“The Zeta's were tough to take down.  Death Rays and fusion beams but we took them.  Your asking me about regret?  We got them off the Earth and I don't feel a thing for all the almond eyes I blew away.  But.  The Cyber Thralls.  Men, women and kids with metal grafted into their skulls coming at us with bare hands and little else.  That keeps me awake nights.  How many?  I don't want to know how many I killed...” -  K.Justin Sergeant 207th SFA Regiment 2083.

With implants and lacking a will which was once their own we are delighted to present a new pack (choose from pack or single poses within it) in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range; the Thralls!  Go HERE for the whole range or read on for more.

Our expansion of the Grey Alien part of the range continues apace and will be completing in April 2021. From the mind of veteran wargamer Fred Richards over in the United States. They were preceded by Dominator Spheres and by Grey Alien Infantry and Disc Riders and weaponised Flying Saucers.  Though part of the expansion of the Greys these will work as slave troopers in any setting for any master!

HOF159 Grey Alien Human Thralls: This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal Humans in a mix of five different poses.  Thralls controlled by cyber implants to serve their masters with no regard for themselves.  Each miniature is approx 16mm to eyeline in scale with the rest of the HOF Range.  Human Male bare chest with SMG (A), Human Male running with combat shotgun (B), Human Female leaning back with rifle (C), Human Female tank top with heavy weapon (D) and Human Male walking with automatic shotgun (E). Choose from a pack or singles by letter in any quantity.  All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  Shown on 20mm round bases and with other codes for scale purposes which are not supplied.  Go HERE.

Here is a scale image alongside a Grey Alien Overlord and a Dominator Sphere.

This is our sole release in the HOF Range this month and takes the range to one hundred and sixty covering the massive Security Force Alpha, the Greys, the Automata, Post Apocalyptic Warriors, Cultists, Droids and Bots, Killer Plants, Bikes, Vehicles, Battlesuits, towering GNATS Mecha and much more.  On the range page look to 'Filter By' and select what interests you to see it all.

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