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Thursday 15 December 2022

Vote for Jan 2023 month long free code from a choice of previous favourites

Next year we will continue hobby fun freely included code in every shipped order.  This year it was suggested to us many times that perhaps we might give a vote to wargamers for them to choose a free miniature or pack.  Well since next year will see all new codes for free we thought it would be cool to offer a vote for the first month of 2023 for a repeat of previous favourites.  

Voting Now Closed

Have your say and make your vote from a choice of five former favourites to be repeated and the most voted for will be given for free in every package sent out from Scotland in January!  Go to the poll which is open and will close Thursday 22nd December when the winner is announced on social media and by email too.  The poll is provided by and you can only cast one vote per IP Address but anyone can vote.

So what are your choices?  Here are their pictures from their month of free:

All useful on your table and some of the favourites from the last three years according to feedback that came our way.  We hope you enjoy and we wonder what the winner will be!

Thanks for your time.



  1. Ooh, shiny - I vote Troll. What can be better than big, green & warty?

    1. Thank you for your vote. Well..bigga blue and shouty too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Voting is ongoing and we will see what wins.