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Tuesday 13 December 2022

Winter 2022 last shipping date and resumption date Jan 2023

Festive seasons greetings to one and all from the team here at Alternative Armies.  While we continue to work hard to ship out all of the winter mega event orders we are running behind due to several factors.  Included in these are the weather here in Scotland, a few issues with suppliers and industrial plus strike action in the UK which is outside of our control.  About 90% of event orders are on their way and you can log into your account on our site to check your order status or just send us a message to and we will be happy to give you an update.

Our last posting date for orders shipping out by post, airmail and courier is Monday the 19th December 2022.  Any orders which are not sent out by then will be held until we resume shipping globally on 5th January 2023.  The reason for this is long experience and customer care. We feel it is better that your packed box sits safely with us during the pause of the global mail system than in a warehouse.  Again if you would like more details check the website portal or contact us by email.  If you have a future date you wish an order dispatched upon we are happy to arrange this when you speak to us.  We appreciate your custom and your patience if your order is one of the few held over the festive period.

Our new Festive Range release Pukki with Presents herald an expansion of the Erin Celtic Myth range in 2023.

Next year will see a great many new releases across our ranges plus new rules systems and changes to our website too.  The year of Alternia is all but over but not to fret we will keep the fun in the hobby by maintaining our free miniature or pack in every order monthly.  Just you wait and see what is coming after February (January is a re-re-repeat).

Thanks for Reading!

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