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Thursday, 22 December 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year plus winner of Jan 2023 free vote

Tis the season!  Alternative Armies is about to close down for the festive break with everyone taking some time at home and with family before we return to work anew in the new year on 6th January 2023.  For details of our annual closure see our BLOG.  See the WEBSITE for all we have and there will be nothing new until the second week of January.

As a treat we have put in place a blanket automatic discount code which applies itself during checkout on the site taking 20% off your total before shipping is calculated.  Any and all orders until 6th January will get the saving.  We will start shipping out orders from that time.  Enjoy!

You voted over the last seven days and I am delighted to announce the winner of the free public vote for January 2023 month long free code in all orders is....drum roll please...Space Brains!

At present ALT012 Alternia Gift Giver is free in all orders but come 1st January this will switch to the winning repeat of a former free code EH03 Space Brains (full pack of five).  More on that at the time of course.  Thank you for your votes.  We might do it again in a year's time.

There will be one more message from Alternative Armies before New Year and this will be next week when we look back at everything we have released in 2022.  This will be the first time we have done this but we have been asked to by customers who felt they might have missed something.  You can of course go to our BLOG and using the right hand menu look back through all the announcements as well.

Remember to check out Orcs in the Webbe for a whole load of free reading as well as puzzles and games and scenarios for Flintloque and other game systems.  The Advent Calendar is in full swing and well worth a gander.  All organised by Craig Andrews.

Have a Happy Holiday Season from the whole wee team here in Scotland.


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