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Wednesday 28 December 2022

Review of 2022 New Releases, Restored Classics and Alternia mascot

In a first for Alternative Armies and by gamers request we present a summary review of this the year of 2022 which is now ending.  All of our new releases, restored classics and free monthly codes gathered and split by range and scale.  Frankly we were amazed as our small team here in Scotland had achieved so much that we ourselves did not remember a lot of it.  We reckon it to be:  62 new 28mm miniatures, 105 restored 28mm miniatures, 93 new 15mm miniatures, 6 new 15mm vehicles, 2 new 15mm mechs, 30 new 6mm sci-fi codes and scenics and two new USEME Titles as well as En Garde.

You can see most of these in NEW RELEASES on our website and until we re-open on 6th January 2023 there is an automatic 20% off all orders applied, no code needed, at checkout.  You get ALT012 Alternia the Gift Giver for free until new years day and then it will be the winner of the public vote EH03 Space Brains pack included for free in every package shipped out for the entire month.

2022 was the year of our mascot.  A lady called Alternia where she was given away freely each month in a different 28mm guise each of them themed and featuring our company arrowhead icon in some way.  Several thousand miniatures sent all over the world as a gift for your custom.  See each of the Alternia's great for any game system or collecting on the WEBSITE.  Highlander, Landsknecht, Erin, Easter, Future Warrior, The Ion Age, Black Powder, Beach Huntress, Steam Punk, The Witch, Cyberpunk and Gift Giver.

From January to December we averaged about three releases a week.  Here they all are:

The World of Valon 

(Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Kitton En Garde)

52604 Legion de Nain Dwarf Division (Pigs)

52605 Legion de Nain Dwarf Division (Boars)

52527P Legion de Nain Line Artillery 

52527B Legion de Nain Line Artillery

52526P Legion de Nain Command

52526B Legion de Nain Command

55003 1st Graviski Infantry

5002 Deadloque Classic Miniatures Set (17 and singles)

55027 Zombie Line Colour Party

51053 Dark Elf Line Colour Party

51018 Regimenta de Nino Cisco 

51521 Dark Elf Line

51515 Dark Elf Artillery Crew 

51007C Dark Elf Line Officer – Regimenta del Nino Cisco

56132 Gulash Dogman Colour Party

56010 Gulash Dogmen Command 

56513 Dogmen Grenadiers

56514 Dogmen Chassuers

5022B En Garde Bundle

CE27-01 Juliet Constantine

51049 Elf Revolutionary Duellists

VLE15 Michrana Cappello Carlos (250 packs)  

59543 Barrels

59543P Barrel Bundle

59544 Small Barrels

59544P Small Barrel Bundle

59545 Powder Kegs

59545P Powder Keg Bundle

58021 Kitoka Ashigaru Matchlocks (Tanegashima) 

58019 Kitoka Ashigaru Command

The Ion Age and Alternate Stars 28mm Sci-fi

IB57 Balthazar and Jerome (IA206,IA207)

IB58 Khanesha

IB59 Female Retained Knights

IA212 Banneret Kali Brindle

AS014 Alternate Stars Weapons Set

Asgard and Tabletop Classic Fantasy

FM13 Owlbear

FM1 Troll

FM2 Ogre

FM2A Ogre with Standard

FM2B Ogre Skull

FM2C Mounted Ogre on T Rex

FM3 Giant Rat

FM4 Were Rat

FM6 Large Rat

FM7 Golem V1

FM8 Gargoyle with Feathery Wings

FM9 Harpy 

FM2D Ogre Weapons

FM15 Minotaur V1

FM15 Minotaur V2 

FM11 Salamander V2 

FM10 Giant Bat

FM11 Salamander V1 

FM18 Skeleton Warrior 

FM12 Cockatrice V1

FM20 Sacrificial Tree

FM20a Victim for Sacrificial Tree 

FM16 Unicorn

FM17 Basilisk

FM14 Spectre

FM22 V1  Oriental Ogre

FM22A V1 Oriential Ogre Standard Bearer

FM22 V2 Oriental Troll

FM22A V2 Oriential Troll Standard Bearer

D7 Dragon Lizard Mount

D8 Dragon Lizard Human Rider

AFB10 Chaos Lance

FM19 Storm Giant

FM23 Giant Slug

FM25 Giant Snake

FM30 V2 Half Troll with Sword

FM35 Hill Troll

FM36 Were Snake

FM41 Mountain Troll

FM34 Death Demon

FM28 V1 Drizzlebringer King of the Swamp Giants

FM38 Giant Lizardman

FM31 V1 Vampire

FM31 V2 Vampire

FM26 Elite Skeleton Guardsman

FM32B Elite Skeleton Halberdier

FM33 Skeleton Warrior

FM53 Balrog

FM76 Dragon Newt

MFM17 Flying Reptile with Wraith Rider

Asgard and Tabletop Classic Science Fiction

SF6 Vroom Beast

SF6a Vroom Beast

X2 Three Armed robot

X3 Hover Robot 

S4 Trimote in Power Armour 

T3 Trimote with Axe

Erin Celtic Myth

CM25-01 Fir Bolg Female Warrior with Sling

CM25-02 Fir Bolg War Horn

CM27-03 Fir Bolg War Banner

CM27-04 Gorman Fir Bolg Hero

CM27-05 Tanai Fir Bolg Spell Weaver

CMB4 Fir Bolg Warband

Alternative Armies 28mm High Fantasy

CES01 Crystal Elf Cavalry Weapon Sprue

DH16 Mountain Dwarfs

15mm HOT Fantasy

HOT147 Crystal Outcrops

HOT138 Dwarf Handgunners

HOT17A Catapult

HOT15A Cannon

HOT16A Bolt Thrower

HOT127S Savage Shields

HOT135 Savage Lizardmen Archers

HOT140 Savage Lizardman Blade Riders

HOT141 Savage Lizardman Warband Riders

HOT142 Savage Lizardman Bow Riders

HOT143 Terrorsaur Flying Creature (used as mount)

HOT144 Savage Lizardmen Flying Blades

HOT145 Savage Lizardmen Flying Warband

HOT146 Savage Lizardmen Flying Bows

Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy

SGF196 Tengku Archer

SGF197 Tengu Archer II

SGF198 Tengu Archer III

SGF199 Tengu Ninja 

SGF200 Tengu Ninja II

SGFP55 Tengu Archers and Ninjas 

SGF201 Dai Tengu Lord on Chair

SGF202 Dia Tengu Fire Blower

SGF203 Female Dai Tengu with Naginata

SGF204 Robed Female Dia Tengu

SGFP56 Dia Tengu and Fuku Tanuki 

SGFP57 Sengoku Set X  (SGF188-204)

SGF205 Tsuitate Tanuki

SGF206 Tanuki Rickshaw Cart 

SGFP58 Tsuitate Tanuki and Tanuki Rickshaw Pack

Furioso 15mm Renaissance 16th Century

MRP04 Venetian Ambassador

MR133 Italian Pike Middle Rank 

MR134 Italian Pike Front Rank

MR135 Italian Armoured Crossbow

MR136 Italian Armoured Arquebus

MR137 Italian Armoured Halberd

MR138 Italian Armoured Sword 

MR139 Italian Armoured Sword and Buckler  

SHM 15mm Science Fiction

SHM99 Red Planet Princess

SHM100 Security Droid

SHM101  Biomech Alien I

SHM102  Biomech Alien II

SHM103 Biomech Alien III

SHM104  Biomech Alien IV

SHMP28 Biomech Alien Infantry

SHM105  Exoframe Soldier I

SHM106  Exoframe Soldier II

SHM107  Exoframe Soldier III

SHM108  Exoframe Soldier IV

SHMP29  Exoframe Soldiers

SHM109  Heavy Exoframe Soldier

SHM110  Heavy Exoframe Soldier Running

SHMP30  Heavy Exoframe Soldiers

HOF 15mm Science Fiction

HOF164 Daisy Cutter GNATS

HOF165 Haymaker GNATS

HOF111H Scrofa Hover AFV

HOF166A Bulldog Heavy APC Wheeled

HOF166B Bulldog Heavy APC Tracked

HOF166C Bulldog Heavy APC Anti Grav (with Base)

HOF28D Charger MkII Anti Grav APC (with Base)

HOFA01A Security Force Alpha (Core Army Set)

HOF171 Female Lemurian Hunters I

HOF172 Female Lemurian Legio I

HOF173 Female Lemurian Hunters II

HOF174 Female Lemurian Hunters III

HOF175 Leto and Leomia Lumurian Characters

HOF176 Male Lemurian Hunt Leaders

HOF177 Male Lemurian Legio I

HOF178 Male Lemurian Legio II

HOF179 Male Lemurian Legio IV

HOF180 Male Lemurian Legio Pride Masters

Bradley Miniatures 6mm Science Fiction

BR037 Carbad Heavy AFV

BR038 Lionsguard Power Armour Command

6mm Terrain Range – 27 Buildings and Bundles

Festive and Celebration Season Range

SN11 Festive Pukki 

Books and Digital Titles

UM014 Valiesk a USEME Modern Warfare Campaign

UM015 USEME Prohibition Gangsters

UMS03 Compound Interest Scenario Set (Cultists vs Post Apoc)

5022 En Garde Duelling in the Cystal Empire

A mighty year indeed and 2023 promises to be even bigger with many ranges expanding and new titles appearing too.  We do our best and value every penny you spend with our team.  We design and manufacture all of our own products which are made right here in the UK and sourced locally and with a minimum of packaging but packed securely. 

See you all in January!


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