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Thursday, 1 December 2022

Alternia Gift Giver free in all December orders and end of the Alternia Year

Jingle the bells!  It is December and that means not only a new month but also the last of the twelve months of the 'Alternia Year' which we have held at Alternative Armies.  Each month of 2022 saw a 28mm mascot miniature of a lovely lady in themed garb being included for free in every order shipped out during that month.  See all the previous Alternias on the website and this last latest one.

As before you need do nothing but place an order which requires shipping (no download only orders sorry) anywhere in the world.  One Alternia Gift Giver will be included for free automatically.  You can also purchase more of this and previous free figures on the site and you will still get ALT012 for free.

ALT012 Alternia Gift Giver. Alternia is Alternative Armies mascot and this is her thirteenth incarnation. This time our lady of Alternative Armies was inspired by the most joyous season of the year and time to give gifts and spend time with friends and loved ones.  A female take on the great giver of presents which is supplied in one piece metal.  Dressed in armour with her long hair put under a sock hat she has an arrow headed spear with a sprig of mistletoe upon it and an open sack showing wrapped presents. A great miniature for collecting and painting.

Brand new in our Seasons of Celebration Range which is where our codes for Christmas, Summer, Easter, Halloween and more in 15mm and 28mm scales are located are an asked for release.  SN11 Festive Pukki a set of five or singles giving you little Fomorians from the Erin Celtic Myth range kitted out in hats with presents and Christmas puddings or candy canes.  Great fun.

The range also includes our 28mm Snowmen which come in four different themed packs of three (or value set of twelve or the great mixed twelve with three of each).  Classic Snowmen, Fantasy Snowmen, Black Powder Snowmen (for Flintloque fans) and Science Fiction Snowmen.  

We have just overhauled the images of the 15mm festive codes too.  Evil Snowmen, Killer Xmas Trees, Abominable Snow Monsters (with separate little hats), Brutal Gingerbread Men, Psyco Presents and Jack Frost.  Packs and Value Bundles.  Plus there is an HOTT 2ed Edition Army with free element bases and the SN2017 Seasonal Fun Sampler which gives 10% off and one of every miniature for a total of twenty 15mm figures.

Lastly and just remastered a proper muscle code which is a brother to SN03 Abominable Snow Monsters and that is HOF130 Upflited Yeti Platoon.  Three big Yeti armed with chain guns and bayonets led by an SFA female handler.  Pack or singles from it.

We have no further releases in 2022 and will only send our a few messages letting you know of the last 24hrs of the event, then our final posting dates, to wish you a great festive season and to pose a question for early 2023 on repeating just one of the former monthly free offers.  Look out for these.

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