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Thursday, 8 April 2021

HOF160 Mind Brutes and HOF160A Mind Brute Arms released

“Obey me slave.  Do my bidding.  I made you and I command you.  Go forth and bring me prisoners from this world and from others. Use your psychic powers and the claws that crush. We shall rule for you are my Mind Brutes!”

Two new codes in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range giving you firstly four armed creatures from a science fiction pulp just like our Grey Aliens army and secondly sets of their four arms for your bits box and conversions.  Go HERE.  Our thanks to veteran wargamer Fred Richards.

Our mega event March to War 2021 is on at Alternative Armies.  Until 3rd May automatically 20% off all orders at checkout, 24 new releases, free and cheaper shipping rates and more.  Read about this in full on our BLOG.  Plus all this month you automatically get a free 40mm tall Troll in your package.

HOF160 Mind Brutes: This 15mm scale pack contains five Creatures in one pose of body, legs and head along with five different sets of four arms.  When assembled you will have five differently posed and weapon holding models with four arms each!  With bulging brains these brutes obey their masters whither on Earth or any island like it in space.  Great for any game system. Each miniature is approx 20mm to eyeline in scale with the rest of the HOF Range. See them HERE.

HOF160A Mind Brute Arm Set: Ideal for conversions and additions to miniatures.  This pack contains five different sets of four arms taken from the Mind Brutes (HOF160).  Add these to your bits box! Arm Sets are: Open Claw, Closed Claw + Closed Claw and Energy Rifle. Open Claw, Energy Pistol + Closed Claw and Energy Pistol. Open Claw, Open Claw + Open Claw, Open Claw. Closed Claw, Grasping Claw + Closed Claw, Grasping Claw. Sword, Open Claw + Sword, Closed Claw.  See this pack HERE.

The grand and noble HOF (Hordes of the Future) range contains a wide variety of 15mm Science Fiction Miniatures and Vehicles. Each miniature is on its own integral base and made in high quality metal or grey tone resin.  Humans, Aliens, Mecha, Robots and much more besides in more than one hundred and sixty codes of some four hundred poses. These miniatures can be used for any purpose in this scale. Every code can be bought as a single pack or you can also choose single miniatures from pack codes within them.  Refine your search on the range page by type using the 'Filter By' box.

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