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Thursday, 15 April 2021

TSF60 Gorgory giant lizardman classic model released

Alternative Armies is delighted to announce the return of a re-mastered 1980's classic science fiction model by Tabletop Games.  Not seen in decades and among the last codes in the range the Gorgory follows up on the Szithk Warbirds and this giant lizardman works in 28mm and 15mm scales. Go HERE for the Asgard and Tabletop Science Fiction range.

We are continuing the work to locate and restore the codes in these ranges.  Many models now only exist in the wild as their molds are lost.  Our deepest thanks to Mark Stevenson for his input in this restoration. Now onto the pistol wielding cool!

TSF60 Gorgory: Returned to production for the first time since the 1980's this classic kit provides you with a big mean Lizardman with wings and an energy pistol.  Great for any system. Composed of the body with head and legs and arm, a pair of wings, arm with pistol and a code unique highly detailed base. Once put together the model is 40mm tall, 120mm wingspan and 70mm total length.  

If you missed the warbirds here are the details of those.  Some of the finest models sculpted in the 1980's.

TSF01 Szithks Male Winged Warbird with Rider: Composed of the body of the warbird, a separate leg, two wings, a saddle and a Lizardmen holding long rifle (Szithk) plus a code specific metal base.  Note the wings will require pinning to stay in place as with the original release of this model. Once put together the model is 50mm tall, 100mm wingspan and 60mm total length.  The saddle is 30mm tall. You can choose from a complete kit of all the parts or the Bird with Wings on its own, the Rider only (no weapon) or the saddle only. 

TSF02 Szithks Female Warbird: A giant Warbird the wingless female.  Great for any system. Composed of the body of the warbird, a separate leg and a code unique base. Once put together the model is 50mm tall and 60mm total length.  The base is 30mm long. This model works in several scales. 

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