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Friday 21 April 2023

BR040 Pendulum Scout Car 6mm release from Bradley Miniatures

New and now on the website the fortieth code in the expanding 6mm Bradley Miniatures Science Fiction Range.  Adding to an array of infantry, walkers, light to heavy vehicles, tanks, mecha and a mighty dropship we present the Pendulum Scout Car.

BR040 Pendulum Scout Car (Pack of Four or Single Vehicle)
The Pendulum provides a limited battlefield role in fire support but it is in scouting and in exo environments that it comes into its own by far.  Sealed for air and for toxins the crew of three can extend communications as well as military aide.  Each six wheeled Pendulum is made of a single piece metal hull and sprue of three different turrets.  You choose its role.  Assembled it is 20mm long, 10mm tall and 12mm wide.

Lionsguard 6mm Powered Armour was recently expanded to three different codes.  Two of 9mm tall troopers in the heaviest armour with typical and heavier weapons plus a command set featuring officers, banner bearer and close combat specialist.  See them in BR011, BR038, BR039.

BR006 Tiger Combat Walker.  One of the first packs in the range has now been put into new fresh molds.  A useful model which comes with a sprue of parts for a choice of Rotary Cannon Arm, Twin Cannon Arm, Arm with Hand and Missile Pod. (18mm tall assembled). Plenty of build options.

Our new (and free in Every Shipped Order until 1st May 2023) any scale AS016 War Bot is 40mm tall and is excellent as a 6mm scale titan with its cockpit in the shoulder and top mounted sensor and comms cluster.  Here you can see it next to Bradley Miniatures 6mm Infantry and the ST01 Government Building (Arid World) from our own 6mm Terrain Range.

UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction Rules.  Pocket sized or digital download these super simple and easy to learn generic rules were written by Vic Dobson.

This message composes our sole news for 6mm scale during April and May 2023. 

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