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Friday 28 April 2023

Mountain Dwarf Champions 28mm scale release

Now added to the over sixty poses in our Dwarven Hosts Range we present the last new regular release of the Spring Mega Event 2023.  Following up on DH16 Mountain Dwarfs the warriors we now have their Champions in this new code!  Great for any game system.  

These miniatures are about 24mm tall as are all of our Dwarfs in the range.  They are resin and metal as each has a seperate arm (warriors) along with weapons and shields (warriors and champions).  This means the Champions can hold any weapon you wish.

DH17 Mountain Dwarf Champions (Pack or Single)

DH16 Mountain Dwarfs  (Pack or Single)

We recently restored Nick Bibby's Oriental Ogres which you can see here facing off against the Mountain Dwarves.  1980's miniatures and 2023 miniatures.  Cool!

We have many other Dwarven packs which can be had as singles within them such as Command, Adventurers, Shield Wall, Cavern Fighters, Polearms, Beserkers plus a Bombard and crew.  

Have you seen DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem?  It stands 65mm tall and goes excellently with our short and stouts as well as those in the Ganesha Games Fantasy Range.  Above it fights the P11 Old English Dragon from our Monsters and Creatures Range

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