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Wednesday 26 April 2023

IB60 Planetary Militia Support Squad new for 28mm Ion Age

Planetary Militia is a catch all term for Planetary Defence Forces which may go by many different and at time odd names and titles. Each of these forces has its own local designation and name but every one of them is known to the Precinct as a whole by their home planet and numerical designation in case that star system has more than one inhabited world. Their primary role, and in most cases only role, is to defend their world against invasion and occupation. There is no absolute law about terms of service and each Planetary Defence Force sets its own rules. On average a man or woman may enlist upon reaching adult age and serve five full years. At the end of this options are open for life time service or reservist or even moving up into the ranks of the Muster. Every world has laws for ensuring the service of an entire population when an emergency arises though its use is very rare and only in direst need.

It is the role of the Planetary Militia to overcome internal strife, attacks by pirates or Condot Mercenaries and they must sometimes do this alone or more often with the bolstering aid of Muster and or Retained Knights from the controlling interest of that world; a Marcher Baron or the Prydian Army. Planetary Forces owe their loyalty to the Marcher Baron who controls that world.  They are often the first to encounter a Khanate incursion...  (The Khanate Return. Third title for Patrol Angis)

New miniatures this day as we complete the overhaul of the Prydian Precinct portion of the 28mm Ion Age Range (some 140 poses) and now add four more singles and their saver pack code.  The first new Planetary Militia in nearly thirty years from us.  There shall be many more to come but let us now present the new!

IB60 Planetary Militia Support Squad (Four Pack with Saving)

IA213 Planetary Militia Trooper with Ron Hi-Ex Launcher

IA214 Planetary Militia Trooper with Moth Type 12

IA215 Planetary Militia Trooper standing with Bodkin AP Rifle

IA216 Planetary Militia Trooper advancing with Bodkin AP Rifle

As with the rest of the range (Khanate Legion portion aside as we will start on those in May) for the first time the miniatures are singles.  Image of front, rear and side as you can see in the above example. These four miniatures are multiple part with separate arms allowing for a degree of posing and you can to an extend exchange arms to make more combinations.

Great for any game system including our own Ion Age Publications too.

There are now a total of sixteen different Planetary Militia miniatures with lesser command, support, rifles and cold climes too.

Balthazar and Jerome the heroes of Patrol Angis exist in 28mm scale (IB57 into IA206, IA207) as well as 15mm (IAF005) too.  Personalities for your Retained Knights in battle.

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