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Tuesday, 18 April 2023

HOT 15mm Fantasy six Ogre Brigands and Mercenaries released

Ogres are a salwart of fantasy wargaming and rightly so.  Humanoids much bigger than any Man and often rather dull witted and vicious with it.  Alternative Armies presents six new Ogres in packs, as singles and a saver value pack too.  Brigands and Mercenaries.  

As well as this we have remolded the original Ogres and updated their images meaning we have nine different ones to choose from.  See the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range for a vast one hundred and fifty different codes as packs and samplers for skirmishing.  Here are the details.  All are shown with MRP04 Venetian Ambassador from our 15mm Renaissance range which is exactly 15mm tall.

HOT148 Ogre Brigands

HOT149 Ogre Brigands II

HOT150 Ogre Mercenaries

HOT149O Ogre Brigantine Warband (Six with Saving)

You can now select pack or 'sampler' meaning one of each pose with all the Ogre packs.  Excellent!

HOT3B Ogres

HOT3E Ogres II


HOT3O Ogre Warband (Six Mixed with Saving)

It was pointed out to us that in our 28mm Monsters and Creatures range VNT3 Orrid Ogres work well with 15mm scale so we have a picture here for you to see alongside MRP04.

They work rather well!  The pack is now in our Deals and Offers page and you can select poses from it too.

We are delighted to tell you all that our classic HOT35 Giant Hydra (65mm tall) has been remastered and is back on the website.

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