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Friday 7 April 2023

Starvaulters the heroes pt6 28mm Ion Age overhauling

The Ion Age 28mm Range.  A million strong and the best of the best the Starvaulters sit atop the Code Gallant and the military organisation of the Prydian Precinct.  Cynue enhanced knights of proven talent and prowess they answer only to the Throne and New Glastonbury.  You can find small teams of Starvaulters in the direst of battles.  Modular 28mm miniatures overhauled with new pictures and put in as single poses for the first time too.  Sculpted by Sam Croes.

A total of eight different STARVAULTER miniatures as singles and as value packs with built in saving.  Here are there codes and some of the new pictures.

Modular miniatures refers to the fact that each Starvaulter is made up of a body, two separate arms and a back pack.  An element of posing is possible as a result.  Also every pair of arms will work with every body so if you purchase a pack or several Starvaulters you can make up your own combinations.

We are nearly complete on the overhaul of the Human Prydian miniatures in the 28mm Ion Age range with only the Female Retained and Muster plus Planetary Militia still to go.  We also have the first new pack and singles of many new to come (more on them later).  After this we will move onto the Shia Khan Empire with its Legionaries, Goblin Maligs, Human Betrayers and more.  As we are fair the original prices are totally valid on the site until that code updates with new pictures and options.

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