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Thursday 13 April 2023

Todoroni servant and giant sapper released for Flintloque

Here are the new releases for April 2023 for the World of Valon.  Use them in Flintloque or in Slaughterloo among your scenarios and battles.  Next week we will have a brand new free scenario to download but for now we introduce new Todoroni!  Two new miniatures both sculpted by Nikki Chatwin following up on his Very Limited Edition officer (VLE15). The Sapper of the Fruscati Grenadieria and a Servant. 

The Todoroni of Nepolise are allies of the Ferach Empire and serve under Emperor Mordred from Catalucia to the Witchlands.  Their army contains infantry, cavalry, artillery and more.  They feature in 5025 War in Catalucia and in 5026 Death in the Snow game books and of course in 5030 Slaughterloo.

56133 Fruscati Grenadieria Sapper

56134 Todoroni Servant (supplied with two different trays)

If you wish to get a full force of Todoroni with a built in saving of 15% built in over standard pricing (any event or discount code is ON TOP of this included saving) then please have a look at our Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs.  We have such 'DAP' for all armies from Orcs to Elves to Dogmen and even Trolka.

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