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Wednesday 24 May 2023

Betrayer Humans loyal to the Khanate pt9 Ion Age 28mm overhauling

"Betrayers of Humanity. Some might find it hard to believe that any Human would fight for the Khanate but it is a growing and alarming fact that wherever the Legions go they attract ‘Betrayers’. These men and women are somehow in the thrall of the Khanate and armed with their weapons turn their anger upon their former allies without pity. It is not known how this occurs exactly but it is thought that the Psycoborgs have something to do with the process. Ancient records were not clear on these traitors to their own species but they were present in large numbers and several planets are recorded to have fallen due to internal strife. Betrayers are not treated well by their Legionary overseers. While superior to Maligs they are just as expendable and have been seen with crude cybernetic alterations to their eyes and other body parts. No successful reversal of Khanate indoctrination has been carried out and Betrayers taken in battle will kill themselves given the first opportunity." - Taken from IAB03 The Khanate Return.

We continue with the Shia Khan Empire overhaul in the 28mm Ion Age range.  Following up on the Warlords and Pioneers we present the scum, the worst of the worst..the Betrayers.  Above you can see the excellent value IB04 Betrayer Ordos which contains sixteen different miniatures with two of them being free.

On the website you can browse the range page by page or look to the 'filter by' option above the first line of products.  Click on it and select what interests you. In this case 'Betrayers' or 'Value Pack' or 'Shia Khan' to narrow the shown codes.

IB34 Human Betrayers (Value Pack)

IA128 Betrayer, aiming Cupid Laser Pistol

IA129 Betrayer Female, Cupid Laser Pistol, Sword

IA130 Betrayer, advancing, Juno Laser Rifle

IA131 Betrayer, bare headed, Juno Laser Rifle

IB40 Betrayer Urbanites (Value Pack)

IA147 Betrayer  Human, running, Juno Laser Rifle

IA148 Betrayer  Human, standing waving, Juno Laser Rifle, Grenade

IA149 Betrayer  Human, hip firing Juno Laser Rifle

IA150 Betrayer  Human, walking, mask, Cupid Laser Pistol

IB41 Betrayer Alphas (Value Pack)

IA151 Betrayer Command Human, cyber arm, Jupiter Plasma Rifle

IA152 Betrayer Command Female, Cloak, Maia 9.6mm Mpi

IA153 Betrayer Command Human, walking, arming Cupid Laser Pistol

IA154 Betrayer Command Human, Comms Gear, Juno Laser Rifle

IB45 Betrayer Saboteurs (Value Pack)

IA166 Betrayer  Face Mask, walking, pack and heavy Demo Charge

IA167 Betrayer  Female, Grenade, Cupid Pistol, Short Dress

IA168 Betrayer  Face Mask, firing Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA169 Betrayer  Face Mask, kneeling, Maia 9.6mm Mpi, small Demo Charge

As with previous overhaul updates the images are all new and you save on the value packs plus every miniature is now a single code too.  IB packs are made up of IA singles and save you 5% on their singles.

As with previous overhaul updates the images are all new and you save on the value packs plus every miniature is now a single code too.  IB packs are made up of IA singles and save you 5% on their singles.

Next up are the verminous cannon fodder of the Empire.  The Goblinoid Maligs and the only troops treated worse than the Betrayers!

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  1. Cough CYBERPUNK cough 😃😃😃

    1. Quite so. 1992 so they originate at the time of the big movement upon it. Thank you.

  2. Stunning paintwork on these, really shows how good the sculpts are

    1. Thank you. If we had the budget we could paint them all like this.