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Wednesday 17 May 2023

Ion Age collection 28mm Muster of Bryan Ruhe

It is my pleasure to present all the way from the United States of America miniatures from the collection of Bryan Ruhe.  Among other projects and wargaming he has kindly given permission to show off his Muster which have been brought out of storage to greet the table once more.  See the Ion Age 28mm Range.

Bryan told me he was inspired to take new pictures of this little part of his 1990's collection off the back of Alternative Armies overhauling, remastering, new photos and all miniatures as singles for the first time over the last few months.  

A lovely yellow and purple colour scheme and a custom banner (IA032 does not come with a banner nor pole sorry!).  Here is the flag larger (on our blog click upon it).  

There are just under fifty different Aketon wearing Muster in the range plus the value Platoon pack (two miniatures free in that).

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