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Monday 1 May 2023

Rock Monster free and new put in all orders until 1st July use in any scale

Welcome to a new month and as we say goodbye to the AS016 War Bot as the free in shipped orders we say hello to a brand new free model in orders.  Until 1st July 2023 at the rate of one per order placed (any size of order, as many times as you wish, the only condition is that is must be a posted order so no digital download only orders sorry) you will get the Rock Monster!  

VNT48 Rock Monster:  New three piece resin miniature which stands 45mm tall once assembled.  A creature of stone animated and clutching a bolder in one of its hands. Can be partially posed. Useful in 28mm and other scales as well as in High Fantasy and indeed Sci-fi gaming. Sculpted by Sam Croes and you can also purchase this model if you wish and you will still get one free in your package each time.  Worth 10.00GBP

As you can see it is a mighty monster indeed and has a personality all of its own. Here are some comparison pictures to show you examples of the free Rock Monster compares to our ranges, scales and what uses you could put it to:

To the left a Crystal Elf Swordsman or Duellist (CE18-02) 28mm High Fantasy.  To the right the legendary hero Cu Chulainn (CM17-03) from the 28mm Erin Celtic Mytholgy range (perhaps a beast of the Sidhe or Fomorians).

To the left General Saindoux from the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set for Flintloque (perhaps Wylde Magicke lives on in the Witchlands).  To the right Alternate Stars 28mm science fiction the Lost Arena Marine (AS015).

To the left an Orc Wizard (24910) from the 28mm Fantasy Warlord range who may have summoned a Rock Monster.  To the right upon a little known world of the Prydian Precinct an alien creature encountered by a Female Retained Knight (IA208) while on patrol; the Ion Age 28mm Range.

In 15mm scale to the left a Security Force Alpha Trooper (HOF112) from the HOF Range and to the right a Wizard (MDA31) from the Tabletop Fantasy Range.  As you can see it is a very imposing monster in this smaller scale.

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