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Friday 26 May 2023

Alternate Stars new 28mm Star Rangers Captain and NCO

“The Star Rangers are the foremost peace keeping soldiers of the fading Galactic Union.  Equally at home on patrol or on bug hunts as well as pacification of ultra population centres the Rangers have millions in their ranks. Mainly Human though not exclusively so their headquarters on Earth oversees a hundred thousand deployments.”

The Alternate Stars generic 28mm science fiction miniature range expands with two new releases.  A new faction the Star Rangers get an officer and a sub officer.  These are useful in any game system you choose to make use of and join the other humans, aliens, creatures, robots, war droids and weapon set in the range.

AS020 Star Ranger Captain with Carbine and Machine Pistol

AS022 Star Legion Female NCO with Machine Pistols

The Star Rangers might want some big muscle back up and that is where AS013 R.U.F.U.S comes in.  Sentient artificial intellect armed with a twin rotary cannon.

We have updated all of the images of the whole range to bring them into line with the new releases.  As well as the single codes this includes the ASP00 Alternate Stars Collection One which gives you the first dozen characters we made with a discount included.  Great for any game system as your crew or mercs for instance.

Personalise your miniatures with AS014 Alternate Stars Weapons Set.  Eleven different future projectile, energy, flame and beam guns as a pack or singles.

This is our last release of the month and remember you get VNT48 Rock Monster (40mm tall) automatically put in every package sent out from us.  Cool!

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