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Tuesday 16 May 2023

FM70 Two Headed Ogre by Nick Bibby restored and released

“I said I want Human for dinner today.  Well I want Sheep and what I says goes.  Huh, is that so?  Well it might give us both a sore head but you are getting a smack!”

Asgard Fantasy Range. Life is not easy when the voice in your head is actually a head next to yours on the same body.  This monster sculpted by Nick Bibby (he of the mighty NB2 Dragon) and works in any scale.  We show it next to the 28mm scale FM47 Wraith.  A fine foe in any army.

FM70 Two Headed Ogre

We have now restored nearly seventy miniatures in the Asgard FM Range along with the Jez Goodwin Barbarians and of course the other Nick Bibby Fantasy models.

We recently replaced the molds for our VNT3 Orrid Ogres which also work in any scale and are on offer too.  Seen here with MRP04 Venetian Ambassador from our 15mm Renaissance Range.

Free automatically in all orders shipped out until 1st July 2023 and worth 10.00GBP the new VNT48 Rock Monster.  A good companion to the Two Headed Ogre eh!  You need do nothing but order and we will do the rest.  You can also purchase it as well and you will still get one free per package shipped.

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