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Thursday 18 May 2023

Ion Age 28mm and 3D Roleplay Con III this Weekend

We were really pleased to be approached to sponsor this year's 3D Roleplay Convention.  A con for all things classic and cool in sci-fi wargaming and its organiser Hank Richardson was firm on The Ion Age and thus Alternative Armies being part of it.  Details follow and also pictures of Hank's own 28mm Muster troops as well.  If you are in the local or near area then consider popping along.  There is a lot going on and prizes to win.

First up here are the details of the third annual 3D Roleplay Con! A three-day Oldhammer gaming convention in Sellwood & at W.O.W. — happening on May 19th, 20th & 21st, 2023. In addition to the usual two days at Smile Station in Sellwood, there is also a free 'Opening Day' of 3DR Con on Friday May 19th, 2023 at Western Oregon Wargamers from 11am-7pm! This will involve, primarily, big-box oldhammer games such as Space Hulk, Man O' War & the like. (The idea behind this 'Opening Day' is to play some self-contained oldhammer games which don't require tons of terrain & miniatures, all while connecting with everyone a day before the convention in Sellwood on Saturday & Sunday).  See the con's INSTAGRAM and thread on FANATICUS.

As well as providing prizes to lucky participants we have a Convention Discount code.  Primarily for the attendees it can be used by anyone on their orders for anything on the website. The discount code will expire on 1st June 2023.  Code is ‘ 3DRoleplayCon ’  entered during checkout and screen will update for 15% off entire cart.  Direct LINK to discount shopping (click this and when you reach checkout the code will be auto applied). 

(Click to Enlarge on our blog)

A great little selection of Muster which Hank very kindly sent pictures of for us to share. Very nice and a good colour scheme too.

Thanks for Reading,

GBS  (Gavin B Syme)

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