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Friday 7 June 2024

F22 Black Dragon 15mm Tabletop Miniatures 1980s returned

Following on to the remastered Red Dragon, the Seven Headed Hydra as well as the Dungeon Adventurers and others in 15mm scale for the classic Tabletop Miniatures Range we have another monster eagerly awaited by collectors. F22 Black Dragon is now on the website as we continue to bring back all the codes in this collection which predates not only our own HOT 15mm Fantasy Range but also most of the 28mm Asgard Fantasy as well. 

Every miniature in the Tabletop Miniatures Fantasy Range is either a single or a pack (within which you can select singles) or a value saver set. There are many monsters such as the Stone Giant and Rhinosaurs which go well with the Dwarves, Lizardmen and Undead in the range. 

F22 Black Dragon: This metal 15mm scale monster is made up of three parts (body and wings) and when built is 70mm in total length and 80mm wide to tips of wings. Supplied without a base (shown on a HOTT Base for Dragons) and unassembled. 

Giant Slugs! With posable eye stalks and great for any scale of gaming the 549 Giant Slug can be had as a single, a pack or a twenty strong value set. Slimy and super generic foes for your dungeon crawls and forest encounters. 
Have you ever wanted to field large fantasy armies with many blocks of infantry and cavalry with lots of monsters, artillery, heroes and magicians that looks great on the gaming table? Have you been put off by ever more complex rules and the need to spend many hours playing to get to the glory and thrill of victory? 
The Age of Might and Steel is the rules set for you! A 50 page digital download book with full generic easy to learn rules, armies, scenarios and more. Written by Steve Hazuka and on special offer. Extra free downloads on its page too.
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