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Thursday 20 June 2024

Ion Age 15mm free Patrol Angis download updated Prydian Vehicles

Prydia is aflame in civil war among the Marcher Barons and all the while the alien Khanate increase their hold on the Precinct.  Armour is the key to victory!  This free article gives an expansion for 2024 to existing vehicles in Callsign Taranis.  Slot it right into your second book of the trio.  15mm Ion Age Range.

You can see the download on the WEBSITE 

or click HERE to get it direct from our server.

A five page article covers the missing Adder Combat Tankettes as well as the lifter type Hazelwurm and Colabreta Carriers which are all Light Vehicles.  It has all the variants of the steadfast Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle and most requested all of the variants of the new Gremlin which are Medium Vehicles (recently released and still to come).  All of the Taranis Tanks which are Heavy Vehicles are already covered in Callsign Taranis.

Gremlins are Medium Vehicles used by the Planetary Militia and Grima Combat Robots in lower scale conflicts and in fights against Shia Khan Legions. Currently three hover variants under codes IAF185A, B and C.  There will be further Gremlins as per the game rules in this article later in 2024.

Mullos are hard hitting Medium Vehicles used by the Retained Knights as well as Muster in battle. There are three variants which are wheeled, tracked and replusar each coming with two turret load outs as well as three APC variants of the same.  Codes are IAF042A to IAF042F.

When you are deep in the city night and Malig Infiltrators are terrorising the innocent then the Hazelwurm will get your fire team to the block fast.

All of the Patrol Angis books can be had as print and digital download too on the website plus a game Game Pack with a saving which gets you started.

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