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Tuesday 18 June 2024

Warbot II customised for 15mm Star Mercs by Sam Croes

Our most recent new miniatures in the vast HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range were an entire new faction; the Star Mercs. Armoured troopers for all of the hired gun jobs which were too tough for the lightly armed Rim Mercs. While we do plan an expansion to these fellows in the future for now there was a desire to give them a battlesuit and so we turned to the sculptor of the Star Mercs our head designer Sam Croes. Here is his take on WarBot II customised. 
AS028 WarBot II is for any scale just like WarBot I so using it in 15mm is no problem at all. The model comes as five pieces which is upper body, legs, left gun, right gun and comms antenna. Here is a picture of the standard build next to the Star Merc one. 
The Star Merc colour scheme is yellow with black detailing (our studio set, you can of course paint them any colour) and so the customised Warbot II had this as well. 
The addition of a missile pod as well as single baggage and double baggage rolls gives the campaigning Star Merc Battlesuit some extra firepower and kit for scouting as well. The additional pieces are all from IA065 15mm Vehicle Conversion Pack in the Ion Age Terrain and Accessories Range. The pack or anything from it can be had in any amount. 
Above is where each was added. Missile Pod (H), Single Equipment Roll (L) and Double Roll (M). Sam did think about quad rotary guns using part I from this set but missiles were chosen in the end. 
Unlike Security Force Alpha who police the teeming cities the Star Mercs travel between worlds and are deployed in squads and platoons. Armed with projectile and energy weapons as well as missile packs too. 
We hope you enjoyed this short article and if you wish to customise your WarBot II in the same way we are happy to give you the parts to copy this in your order. All you need to do is place an order with AS028 in it and then send an email to with your order number titled ‘star merc warbot’ and we will put the bits in for free. 
Thanks for Reading!

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