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Thursday 6 June 2024

Ruddy Rats a Flintloque solo play micro scenario

Place this micro scenario into one of your full games of Flintloque as an aside or make it your solo play action for twenty minutes.  Use any of your cavalry miniatures and some Rats and you are off and running..or is that scampering?  See our FREE DOWNLOADS page or read on.

We played with the Pudigrochumsberg Army of Dogmen namely the Zanner Hussars but equally you could be Elves on horseback in the Witchlands or Dwarves on Boars in Krautia.

Ruddy Rats:  In this solo play micro scenario you take the part of a patrol of cavalry tasked with clearing out vermin.  But oh no!  You are surrounded and outnumbered.  Can you fight your way clear?  Contains optional extra rules and designers notes.  DOWNLOAD as a one page PDF from our website.

Right now in our Deals and Offers you get 20% off the 56532 Joccian Hussars ram mounted light cavalry of the Ratmen; single, pack and unit choices.

Start your adventure with the World of Valon with 5024 Escape the Dark Czar which contains ten resin miniatures, bases, dice and core rules with three scenarios.  Begin in Flintloque where there are lots of extra free scenarios and resources for your adventures in the snow.

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