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Friday 3 July 2020

New Bases released 50mm square and 100mm rectangle

By request two new sizes of resin cartouche (rounded edges for easy lifting and placement into movement trays etc) bases added to the range.  Great for any game system in any scale you can see all of our bases in resin, metal and plastic HERE.  Read on for more information.

59029 50mm Square Bases (10 per pack resin)
59030 100mm Rectangle Bases (4 per pack resin)

These larger sized bases are great for mounting multiple 28mm or 15mm miniatures or a single larger monster or vehicle.  As with all of our bases you have the option of a single pack or select on screen three packs and save 10%.  Our bases are square, rectangle and circle as well as other more specialised shapes and uses such as flight stands and anti-gravity mounts.

Element Bases for HOTT
We have five types of cartouche style element bases for use with HOTT 2nd Edition or with any other element using wargame system. Produced in high quality grey tone resin these bases all have a 40mm frontage and varying depths. These correspond exactly to the sizes used in HOTT and to the basing table for different troop types in the game; those being Letter A to Letter E. Each pack is priced the same and contains a varying number of the same size base. You can make your selection by clicking on the drop down product menu. Details are below:

A - 15mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (10 per pack)
B - 20mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (8 per pack)
C - 30mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (6 per pack)
D - 40mm by 40mm Square Element Base (4 per pack)
E - 60mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (2 per pack)

These bases are also supplied with every one of our HOTT 24AP Armies for free in needed amounts.

IAF077 Troop Element Trays
These bases are made of resin and are 3mm thick each with a different number and size of circular recesses on their ground textured upper surfaces. Each recess is made to fit either a 20mm round base or a 30mm round base.  These are durable and rugged which makes them ideal for your troops to be mounted into on their own bases.  We offer the Troop Element Bases in different sizes which are listed here by sub-code, number of recesses with sizing and number per pack.

IAF077A TE Bases (2 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack) 
IAF077B TE Bases (3 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack) 
IAF077C TE Bases (4 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack)
IAF077D TE Bases (5 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack)
IAF077E TE Bases (8 Slot 20mm) (2 per pack) 
IAF077F TE Bases (10 Slot 20mm) (2 per pack)
IAF077G Portable Weapon (1 Slot 30mm, 2 Slots 20mm) (4 per pack) 
IAF077H Battlesuits and Bikes (3 Slot 30mm) (4 per pack)

See all of our bases and movement trays and element bases HERE on the website.

Thank you for your time.


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