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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Further restored codes added to The Torture Chamber collection

We have now added the last of the originally released codes re-mastered into the Torture Chamber range.  This completes what was around in the early 1980's.  During our deep delve into returning this requested range for collectors and diorama makers we discovered and then confirmed a couple of further codes which were never released.  Yes, never released.  These are currently being re-mastered and will arrive later in 2020 effectively brand new! 

This time we present a pack code and two singles.  Go HERE or read on for more.  Please note adult themes in this range.

TOR16 The Burning Pit
This pack contains one metal fire pit with victim. Suitable for 28mm and 25mm uses this scenic pack contains two components these being the fire pit with its base and two upright spit holders and a near nude female victim tied to a long spit with turning handle. Easy to assemble. You can purchase a pack, or choose the the pit pieces on their own or the victim on spit on her own. Choose on screen.

TOR7B Slave Girl
This code is a single metal miniature which suits 28mm and 15mm scale uses. Laying on her back she is 27mm from foot to forehead.  Cloth bindings on her wrists and ankles her back is arched. This miniature is expanded out from the TOR15 Slave Girls and TOR7 Snake Pit codes.

TOR15Pt3 Dancing Girl
This code is a single metal miniature which suits 28mm and 15mm scale uses.  She stands 25mm to eye line.  A dancing girl for any setting dressed in a two piece costume. This miniature is expanded out from the TOR15 Harem codes.

These Torture Chamber codes are our last 28mm fantasy releases for this month.  The rest of July 2020 is all about 15mm Science Fiction and of course Flintloque too!

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