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Monday, 6 July 2020

15mm Elephants for Blemye, Sassanid and Selucid return to Isarus range

After an absence of several years we are delighted to announce the return of three Elephants to three different 15mm armies in our Dark Age Isarus range.  They are re-mastered classic Tabletop Miniatures.  See the whole range HERE or read on for more. 

These largest of land animals can be found in each of their respective armies alongside infantry, cavalry, command and more.  The easiest way to find them among the fourteen different empires and peoples of the range is to click on the red 'Filter By' button (as you can see in the image below) and then select the army which interests you such as Byzantine or Vikings.  

Each elephant comes with either integral crew or a separate crew with howdah and weapons.  Great for any 15mm scale game system such as DBA and DBM.

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