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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Todoroni of Nepolise divisional army pack for Slaughterloo and Flintloque

The miniature range for The World of Valon (Flintloque and Slaughterloo and more) is huge and when it comes to mass battle we have a full array of 'DAPs' (Divisional Army Packs) for all of the armies that fight in the Mordredian Wars.  We are in the process of updating the imagery of these DAP's.  The new photos of this division and the units which make it up come from our painting studio which produces many thousands of pro-painted and based miniatures each year to a fine tabletop quality and great price.  This division has already sold online but you can see our current painted and ready to ship stock of units, sections, characters, specials and more for the World of Valon HERE (the stock is updated every week).  What you see is what you are buying and most items are a stock level of one.

The Todoroni of Nepolise are allies of the Armorican Elves and a central member of the Ferach Empire.  Todoroni come in two forms the typical Elf sized and the much larger Big Todoroni who act mainly as grenadiers and shock troops.  You can see the full range HERE and the divisions for Slaughterloo HERE on the website.

56603 Todoroni of Nepolise
Save 15% off list prices. An Entire Slaughterloo Division in a box:

Line Infantry:
2 Units of 24 Todoroni Militia Infantry includes Officer, Singer, Standard Bearer (56505-U) (48)

Light Infantry:
1 Unit of 12 Todoroni Light Infantry (56538)

1 Unit of 10 Mounted Toad Hussars includes Officer, Singer, Std Bearer (56528-U) on Resin Hippos.

2 Units of 6 Todoroni Artillery Crew includes 4 Limber Hippos (56529)
2 Ferach Cannons includes Limbers (59502)

Extras: 1 Mounted Toad General on Resin Hippo (56111)

Bases: 68 Infantry Bases 13 Cavalry Bases

Additionally the digital version of the massive 5030 Slaughterloo book is just 20.00GBP for immediate purchase and reading upon download.  Go HERE.

Lastly it is well worth the dedicated Flintloque player to consider the purchase of a Divisional Army Pack as the full units within it can also act as Sections in the skirmish level game.  This is most common with players who take the Undead into battle using a full Witchlands DAP to make up a half dozen large Sections of Zombies on foot and cavalry as well as a cannon and crew plus Vampyre officers and casualty markers as an example.  All with a 15% saving and free bases too.

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