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Thursday, 2 July 2020

15mm Battlefield Wheels Pack released

Here at Alternative Armies we listen to our customers and we keep lists of requests.  We create the most requested each time new designs are discussed across 28mm and 15mm and all our game systems and ranges.  But sometimes a request just needs some leg work and it is our pleasure to present to you a new 15mm pack which you can have as a pack or as single pairs of wheels.  Go HERE for the our Battlefield Bits and Accessories range or read on for more.

FMS05 15mm Battlefield Wheels Pack
This pack contains 14 metal 15mm scale wheels in seven pairs of two. These are suitable for use with HOT and Altuos miniatures in any historical or fantasy setting. The types of wheels are (1) wooden spokes with iron rims, (2) small wooden spokes with iron rims, (3) very small solid wooden wheel, (4) solid wooden wheel, (5) large wooden wheel with iron banding, (6) wooden wheel with bat, (7) wooden wheel with ugly face. For an idea of scale wheel 1 is neck height on a 15mm Human and wheel 2 is waist height. This code can be bought as a pack or using the drop down menu you can select a pair of wheels for single purchase.

The Battlefield Bits range contains many useful codes such as 28mm wheels, dead animals, live animals, sprues of parts (pies, pistols, feathers, tankards, fruit and many more).  In 15mm scale there are modern tents (above), torn versions of them as well as blank dollies for miniature sculpting.  Go HERE for the range for a browse.

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