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Monday, 28 November 2022

MRP04 Venetian Ambassador 15mm Renaissance release

An Ambassador was a figure of governance and of civility in 16th century Italy.  Sent between powerful nobles and great houses to conduct the art of treatise and negotiation.  Sometimes seen at court or on the battlefield perhaps with the gainful notion of getting their own lord to contribute their troops to the cause.  This Ambassador is of Venice though he could be of Florence, Rome or any other likely place.

Now released a fifth 15mm scale personality on foot and same miniature mounted with horse.  Joining Leonardo Da Vinci, Cesare Borgia, Niccolo Machiavelli and Georg Von Frunsberg the Venetian Ambassador is in our Furioso Renaissance Range.  It joins over two hundred other codes of single miniatures, army bundles with free bases, rules sets, battlefield scatter terrain and buildings including tents.

Sculpted by Sam Croes and very useful as a nobleman or merchant as well as an envoy from one prince to another MRP04 Venetian Ambassador comes with the popular MRH02 Horse included.

Written by Steve Danes Furioso is a set of wargames rules that covers European warfare in the sixteenth century. The rules allow players to fight large scale land battles with a simple to use and enjoyable gaming system.  Furioso can be fought using any scale figures from 6mm to 28mm though we at Alternative Armies use it in 15mm scale.  It can be had in print and as paid digital download too.  

Furioso the Italian Wars is a supplement to the Furioso Rule Book for 16th century warfare which gives you a deep setting, historical battle scenarios, solo play rules and much more including the inventions of Da Vinci the master.  As with the core book it is in print and digital too.

Likely one of the most famous machines of war in history (though it never took to the field as far as we know) the Turtle or Tank has rules in Furioso Italian Wars and is a great wee 15mm model to put in your collection.  HOT101 Da Vinci's Tank.

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